Media Coverage is one of the best ways to explode brand awareness and sales!

PR – getting featured in magazines, news websites, podcasts, blogs and on TV – can have a dramatic impact on your business from awareness to skyrocketing sales. In this course, you’ll learn the key elements to know when pitching the media, how to write a press release that actually gets attention and the top 4 things you HAVE to include in your pitches to secure coverage.


What You'll Learn

You'll be ready to start getting media coverage in just a few days!

  • INTRO: What is PR and why it is a valuable marketing pillar. How to apply PR strategies that will grow your business

  • What About Your Business Will Get Coverage: Getting effective coverage that journalists and producers want to share with their audience comes down to pitching impactful stories that will get their attention to learn more. First, we'll go through exercises to uncover what parts of your business will get the most media coverage and grow your sales. Then, we'll craft your pitch to ensure it has the 4 elements every journalist or producer is looking for.

  • Finding Outlets to Cover You: Once you've got the pitch together, how do you find outlets to cover your business? You'll learn how to find hundreds of journalists looking to cover businesses like your and how to start attracting media so they come to you first.

  • Maximizing the Value of Coverage: As you start to get covered in the media, it's important to share the news the right way to get more press and to generate sales! You'll learn how to amplify any press coverage to maximize the reach by over 20x.

Lolita Carrico

For over 20 years, Lolita has helped businesses of all sizes grow to profitability. A heart-centered entrepreneur, she has built several successful businesses of her own and has been featured in dozens of news outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Business Insider as well as on TV, radio and podcasts. After decades of running her successful agency working with major brands, Ready for Launch is her passion project -- to help other entrepreneurial women see their dreams come true. She is a published author, whose Bosslady Bible shares her secrets to getting everything done while living life to the fullest.


Sage G.

Jewelry Designer

"The jewelry line that I had been slowly building was really going slow, and I watched other brands with similar styles but poor quality leap ahead of me in awareness and sales.

After learning PR strategies, I was able secure some unbelievable media coverage that landed one of my designs in the Emmy celebrity gift bag last year, and then on dozens of news outlets!"


Pay in 1 installment or break up payments over 2 months.